Patent Agent Exam Preparatory Course
Online Training

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Course Outline

Paper 1

Understanding Patent Act in detail
with interpretation of sections and their rules.

Paper 2

Learning how to draft Patent Specification
with special focus on claims drafting.

Tables and quick Notes

Summarizing the Patent Act in the form
of tables and quick notes.

Case Studies

Case studies to understand inventions and
techniques to draft quickly in Paper 2.

Practice Papers

Understanding how to write papers by
solving previous year papers.

Mock Test

A mock test paper designed similar to the
paper pattern of Patent agent Exam.

More Details

Course Details

  • Fee: ₹10,000 (Full Course)

  • Fee: ₹6,000 (Only Paper 1)

  • Fee: ₹2,000 (Only Paper 2)

Course Division

  • Module 1-5, Paper 1

  • Module 6-7, Paper 2

  • Module 8-9, Mock Test(Only for full Course)

What More?

  • MCQ test on each module

  • Quick notes on each module

  • Rapid fires and discussions

About The Course

We have divided the course into 9 modules to cover the Patent Act into parts of relevancy so that you are trained and can confidently clear the patent agent exam.
Our modules are created in a way that any technical geek can excel the patent act.

These 9 modules will help you to understand the Patent Act as a story, interpreting the sections with their rules and relevant forms.

Each module is designed for 4 days which includes study portion to read by yourself, lecture videos, quick notes of the module and short MCQ test on the module. Module-wise fees is mentioned below, you may opt for individual module as per your requirement.

There is also whatsgroup, where each one of you may ask questions and start discussing anytime. We will answer your enquires.

The videos are available for 24/7 during the course period, so that you can learn at your own pace at your convenience and in the comforts of your home.

Modules In Detail

Module 1: Filing, publication, examination and grant of a patent with interpretation of section, rules and their relevant forms. Examples will be given on how to file the patent online and how the granted patent looks.
Fees for this module: 1,500 INR

Module 2: Patent of Addition, Restoration, Surrender and Amendments of patent by the applicant with interpretation of section, rules and their relevant forms.
Fees for this module: 1,500 INR

Module 3: Anticipation, Working status of patent and compulsory licence by Patent office with interpretation of section, rules and reasons/limitations of such actions. A vast example on how to interpret anticipation will be covered.
Fees for this module: 1,500 INR

Module 4: Opposition, Infringement and suits and appeals for such actions with interpretation of section, rules, timelines, remedies and course of action.
Fees for this module: 1,500 INR

Module 5: Powers of Controller, Penalties and secrecy directions as mentioned in the Act with interpretation of section, rules and their course of action.
Fees for this module: 1,500 INR

Module 6: Basics of Patent Drafting which includes contents of patent specifications, know-hows of each relevant section, learning how to extract relevant data from the invention disclosure and understanding claims language.
Fees for this module: 2,000 INR

Module 7: Different case studies to practice paper 2 and improving the writing skills.
Fees for this module: 500 INR

Module 8: Solving previous year question papers and discussions on how to attempt different types of questions. In the end of this module you will be in a position to remember section and rule numbers which is very essential to clear paper 1.
Fees for this module: 1,500 INR

Module 9: Mock test to revise the whole syllabus and quick notes to read before the exam.
Fees for this module: 1,500 INR

To increase the excitement, we have included a rapid fire around where questions are related to sections and rules, and a drafting challenge at the end of the course, and the winner will be able to avail one of our online professional course for free.